– We choose the best product for you.
– with the modern manufacturing process that we have used
– launch of an existing plastic straw replacement product
– Products meet export standards of all countries.
Grass straws are targeted at the disposable straw industry and can also be used at home.
– 100% natural, organic, manual and zero emissions farms are manufactured in place of plastic. Unlike paper, lawn straws actually increase their strength and rigidity when exposed to liquids, even becoming pliable after a short period of time. The straw is cleaned and dried for a long shelf life.
Degradable – Biodegradable – Sustainable
– Length: 20 cm
– Diameter : 4.5 > 7mm
100% natural, handmade, sustainable
Biodegradable & biodegradable
Do not use chemicals / pesticides / preservatives
Can be put in the food trash
Biodegradable packaging
Use once / reusable
Grass straws become more flexible and sturdy when in contact with liquid.
11 export standards for grass straws
How to identify export quality goods ?
1/ 100% of standard length
2 / ball tension tube body
3 / the tube body is natural blue and yellow
4 / round tube does not tighten the mouth
5 / diameter from 4.5mm to similar with 7mm option (customers need to choose)
6 / The tube body does not see black spots, black color accounts for a high percentage. See actual photo below (will affect the beauty of the tube but not the quality)
7/ 99% clean inner tube
8 / Certification of the manufacturer and quality, food safety, hygiene, biosafety. (customers have more peace of mind with certification, products and business process assurance)
9 / Packaging specifications to protect the packaging during the export process.
10 / domestic use does not smell fresh grass This is affecting the process of using drinks.
11 / the mouth of the tube does not sob
– Going through a quality finished product process is a problem with the standard system. Quality assurance standards according to the requirements of customers and international markets.
– We always achieve that, operating for nearly 3 years in the field of producing grass straws. We understand the problems that need to be fixed and the requirements of our customers.
– With the HACCP certificate, which regulates the production of products with ISO 22000 -2018 quality, customers will be satisfied and assured with the above requirements.
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