– We choose the best product for you.
– with the modern manufacturing process that we have used
– launch of an existing plastic straw replacement product
– Products meet export standards of all countries.
Grass straws are targeted at the disposable straw industry and can also be used at home.
– 100% natural, organic, manual and zero emissions farms are manufactured in place of plastic. Unlike paper, lawn straws actually increase their strength and rigidity when exposed to liquids, even becoming pliable after a short period of time. The straw is cleaned and dried for a long shelf life.
Degradable – Biodegradable – Sustainable
– Length: 20 cm
– Diameter : 4.5 > 7mm
100% natural, handmade, sustainable
Biodegradable & biodegradable
Do not use chemicals / pesticides / preservatives
Can be put in the food trash
Biodegradable packaging
Use once / reusable
Grass straws become more flexible and sturdy when in contact with liquid.
sản phẩm cao cấp – 100% tự nhiên, không hóa chất trong quá trình sản xuất, bảo quản. – Được… 65000VND
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